Create react app with GraphQL way of WordPress data

I am not going to compare REST vs GraphQL. As a silly Web developer, it is out of my boundary. If you are curious about this comparison, here are some good resources I found –

Also, GraphQL is topics in WordPress now-a-day.

You can find some other article about this tech war.

Anyhow, lets go to our main topics.
To make our journey a little easier, I will divide this development process in some parts.
Remember, I am writing these posts with share my development process. So, any part can be update in future part.
All posts are not completed yet. I am trying to complete all in next few days.

2 thoughts on “Create react app with GraphQL way of WordPress data”

  1. Thank you for the share of your experience, I would like to recommend one more article that will complement perfectly with the other two articles on the “tech war” of Graphql vs rest, that is this one . It is essential for every web developer to get to know this 2 approaches and take his conclusions.

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