Headless WordPress with Next.js – day 1

WordPress without Head is the latest trend. This workflow is better in several ways. There are plenty of resources about the pros of the Headless WordPress approach. This is just one: Why WordPress Users Should Consider Headless

However, I am going to learn GraphQL not only academic benefits but also broadens my skill.

1st Step

First, create a folder for WordPress. I name it backend. Then, I install WordPress in this folder as usual way. In this WordPress, install and activate these plugins.

  1. Advanced Custom Field
  2. Headless CMS
  3. Yoast SEO
  4. wp-graphql-offset-pagination
  5. WPGraphQL Yoast SEO Addon
  6. WPGraphQL

Then install WPGraphQL JWT Authentication plugin. To use this plugin, use google API keys ( public key, secret key ) on the setting page.

Then install WPGraphQL Gutenberg. Activate it and update a Gutenberg post or page. If not updating any Gutenberg post, it will show an error in the endpoint and in GraphiQL IDE.

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