( … ) Variable-length argument lists

In programming, there are many ways to solve a problem. But, everyone likes to easy and short solution.

The reason of telling that, PHP has a syntax token that will make my day. This is called Argument unpacking token or Variable-length argument lists token. This is typed with three dots ( … ). This is safe to use for 5.6 or latest version. For example,

function sum( ...$numbers ) {
    $acc = 0;
    foreach ( $numbers as $n ) {
        $acc += $n;
    return $acc;

echo sum( 1, 2, 3, 4 );

return output 10 as 1+2+3+4=10.

Start Gatsby with WordPress

Gatsby is now a day’s roar in the progressive web app. In this post, we will develop a workflow to integrate Gatsby with WordPress.

To integrate WordPress with Gatsby, the first step is set pretty permalink in WordPress. This enables us to use RESTful API from Gatsby app.

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Finish this React application and future plan

This is the last part of Create react app with GraphQL way of WordPress data

In this finishing part, we build this application for production and plan for the next development workflow.

Building an application with the help of npm is pretty simple. Run

npm run build

and upload the files in the build folder in the server. You can see our application at reactblog.mrinalbd.com/. Also, can see the code if any need https://github.com/mrinal013/reactblog

Awesome experience to build this simple application. I heard some roar of Gatsby. Within a few days, I am going to build some stuff with Gatsby with WordPress.

Post Component in React

This is the sixth part of Create react app with GraphQL way of WordPress data

In this part, we will develop a Post component for our application. But, before diving in this, we will develop a Loading component for seeing landing or search status in our application. Let’s dive into Loading component development.

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