Finish this React application and future plan

This is the last part of Create react app with GraphQL way of WordPress data

In this finishing part, we build this application for production and plan for the next development workflow.

Building an application with the help of npm is pretty simple. Run

npm run build

and upload the files in the build folder in the server. You can see our application at Also, can see the code if any need

Awesome experience to build this simple application. I heard some roar of Gatsby. Within a few days, I am going to build some stuff with Gatsby with WordPress.

Create react app with GraphQL way of WordPress data

I am not going to compare REST vs GraphQL. As a silly Web developer, it is out of my boundary. If you are curious about this comparison, here are some good resources I found –

Also, GraphQL is topics in WordPress now-a-day.

You can find some other article about this tech war.

Anyhow, lets go to our main topics.
To make our journey a little easier, I will divide this development process in some parts.
Remember, I am writing these posts with share my development process. So, any part can be update in future part.
All posts are not completed yet. I am trying to complete all in next few days.