Tax rule setup in WooCommerce

Today I re-memorized the setup of WooCommerce set up by practicing re-learn WooCommerce big picture.

First, check Enable tax rates and calculations from WooCommerce->Settings->General. Following is the screenshot of this

enable tax

Then, I get a new tab named Tax at WooCommerce->Settings.
Let, open Tax tab. By default, here I find two tabs which are Tax options and Standard rates.

In Tax options tab, there is all about tax setup. 

Suppose a merchant wants that, his customer will pay tax. This means the tax does not affect the product price. For this case, select  No, I will enter prices exclusive of tax for Prices entered with tax option. Otherwise, select  Yes, I will enter prices inclusive of tax if the product price is including tax.

Then, I can choose an option from Calculate tax based on selection. It will be on the Customer shipping address or billing address. There is another option by which tax will calculate on the shop address.

Next, I have an option about Shipping tax class. Tax can depend on total cart price or tax can apply for every product.

Next, I get a really cool option for Rounding the Tax. 

Next, I have a cool option for Rounding the Tax. That’s I can’t understand yet.

Next, I have Additional tax classes option. Here, tax classes can add multiple tax classes. Suppose, a business ships their product in CountryA and CountryB. CountryA charge 30% tax and CountryB charge 15% tax. So, for two tax rate, write down these tax classes as

Next, I have Display prices in the shop check. This determines that, on a shop page, the price will display with tax or without tax.

Next, I have Display prices during cart and checkout page. If I checked, Calculate tax based on shop base address, then tax shown on the cart page. If Calculate tax based on was customer shipping address or customer billing address then, the tax will be shown when the customer fills the address form.

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